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It can be very frustrating finding a quality, yet still affordable, spa. Dirt, unsanitary tools high prices, and unqualified technicians are rampant in the nails and spa business. But when you come to Mina Nails and Spa in Hamden, CT and surrounding areas, you are choosing the very best. From our honest and affordable prices, to our sanitary conditions and expert technicians, you can always count on Mina Nails and Spa for a memorable spa service.

Here at Mina Nails and Spa, we use Autoclave to sterilize all of our tools, ensuring 100% sterilization every single time. We also use disposable pedicure tub liners to make sure that you get the most fresh and clean pedicure possible. We use a removable whirlpool system to keep our pedicure spas sanitized and fresh.

Though Mina Nails and Spa has only been open a short while, we are already developing a reputation in Hamden, CT and the surrounding areas for amazing service at even better prices. With us, you get high-end salon and spa treatments without the high-end price tag.

Come to Mina Nails and Spa today to enjoy superior service and great prices