Mascara takes a long time to apply, and often wears or rubs off just when you need it most. Nobody likes thin, barely-there lashes, so what’s a girl to do? Eyelash extensions are the answer! Semi-permanent and always safe, eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your look and save time, as well as money. Mina Nails and Spa in Hamden, Connecticut offers eyelash extensions services. We are committed to transforming your look and eyes through professional eyelash extensions. We specialize in the true art form of eyelash extensions. We don’t mean an ugly clump of synthetic fibers or an uncomfortable strip of falsies, but rather tailored extensions that will open your face and suite your eye shape.

We use only the best materials for our eyelash extensions, and offer a complete range of sizes, shapes, styles, materials, and even curling! With human hair, mink, silk or synthetic options, we have everything you need. We will carefully apply each lash to your eyelid, and create thicker, longer, and more beautiful lashes that will complement your eye shape and lifestyle.

The benefits of eyelash extensions from Mina Nails and Spa include:

• No more mascara means less time putting on makeup and less money spent on products.
• Brighter, more youthful eyes that seem well rested and lifted without pain or surgery.
• Always natural and beautiful, no matter what thickness or style you choose.
• No maintenance required! Your lifestyle will not need to change in any way.

No matter what your reason for getting eyelash extensions, Mina Nails and Spa has the services for you! Contact us today to learn more or to book an appointment.