One of the worst things in the world is chipping a fresh manicure! Your money and time go down the drain, and you are stuck with chipped nail polish until you can make it back into the salon or fix it yourself. False nails aren’t much better with the difficult application and removal processes. Thankfully, there is a solution and that is color gel nails.

Color Gel nails are a type of gel nails that are applied directly onto your nail for a natural, yet lasting, look. Mina Nails and Spa offers color gel nails services to give you a lasting and beautiful manicure or pedicure.

We apply our gel nails in a fairly efficient process involving layers of the color of your choice and focused UV light. The UV light combined with the special nail polish creates a tough barrier that will sparkle and shine without cracking or dulling for at least two weeks.

Mina Nails and Spa has hundreds of gel nails colors to choose from, and we can even do gel nails pedicures! We also do gel nails removals.

Gel nails are the best way to get a lasting manicure because they do not damage your natural nail. They are also more natural-looking than false nails, and do not dull or yellow over time. Gel nails will also allow your natural nails to grow long and beautiful without worry of damage or breaking.

Our gel nails specialists here at Mina Nails and Spa have plenty of experience applying and removing gel nails, so you are sure the have the experience you want every time. We are a fully licensed, registered and certified nail salon that specializes in gel nails.

Gel nails from Mina Nails and Spa in Hamden, Connecticut are an excellent, and affordable, manicure and pedicure option. Call us today to book a gel nails service!